In 2016 Garen and I made our first trip to Uganda to bring our youngest son home. This amazing little human taught our family so much about resilience, strength, family.

Our hearts were taken by the country and the plight of the vulnerable children. Our Mini-est used to be one of them - how could we not try to help?

The Middle Miller and I began the Wulira Foundation in 2017, with Zade raising over $600 at his first fundraiser. I was so proud of him! 100% of the money went directly to support vulnerable children in Uganda.

So here we are - now a Party of 5 - in Nebraska and enjoying teaching our Mini-est all about this big world. Last summer he wanted to see mountains. This summer he wants to see the ocean. And we love watching him take it all in. 

Below I put a "before" and "after" picture of our Mini-est. Believe it or not there is less than a year between when these pictures were taken...